Filling a Void in Senior Living from a Retired Coast Guard Member

When I retired from the Coast Guard after almost 23 years of service, I was left with a major void in my life. The Coast Guard provided great pride in what I did. I was always proud that their main mission is to save and help others in need.

After retiring from the Coast Guard, I had held two jobs. Both jobs left me feeling unfulfilled and provided little to no job satisfaction. I was not feeling that achievement in providing help to people: until I found myself in the senior living industry.

I have been in senior living since 2008, and the best part of every day is the time I spend with our residents. You truly have the ability to impact other lives positively by just giving a hug and smile.

Senior Living Executive Director Specialist Tim Smith and Ms. Jeanne
Senior Living Executive Director Specialist Tim Smith and Ms. Jeanne

Currently I am serving at Lakestone Terrace, a Sagora community in Granbury, TX. During my first week here, one of the residents walked up to me and said, “you don’t remember me, but my first day here two years ago, I was carrying in a bunch of stuff. You stopped everything that you were doing and helped me out. When I thanked you, you said, ‘that’s what we do ma’am. We put our residents first, and nothing is more important to us than you.’”

She said she knew then that she had made the right decision to move into Lakestone and be a part of the Sagora family. She went on to tell me that she had lost her husband shortly before her move-in, and was feeling lost. The feeling slowly melted away with a new home, and more friends than she has ever had before.

Every person I meet is an opportunity to experience a story like that. Because of these experiences with our residents, I have never felt more fulfilled in my career, and as a person.

Tim Smith
Corporate Executive Director Specialist

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