Happy New Year from Our Residents at Sagora!

It is finally a new year, which brings about thoughts of recollection for the past and enthusiasm for a brand new slate. At Sagora, we are honored to know these people who bring us great wisdom, humor, happiness and a fresher outlook on life. Please see below just a few of the thoughtful, witty, and funny resolutions our residents wrote down for 2016.

*Photos of the residents will be below their resolutions. You can click each photo to enlarge it if the text is hard to read.

Aberdeen Heights

2016 NYR - AH1

Ms. Aline
Ms. Aline

Adante – Assisted Living


Nancy 1B
Nancy 1AMs. Nancy in AL


Heritage Place – Independent Living 


Mirabella – Memory Care

Ms. Helene – “Make more money and save it.”


Ms. Helene
Ms. Helene


And last but not least … Sagora’s home office

From all of us at Sagora, we hope you have a wonderful, safe and fulfilling 2016!

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