Our Special Valentine

As Valentine’s approaches this weekend, Sagora would like to take a moment to speak to our “Valentine” this season, which is our lovely senior residents. Sagora is proud and honored to serve these residents on a daily basis and we receive more love from them than we seem to be able to give.

This Valentine goes out to those senior residents who:

• Always have the most beautiful and handsome smile on in the hallways
• Always stop by the front desk and wish the concierge a “good morning”
• Always lend a helping hand to other residents who may need it
• Always display a kind heart in the way that they interact with new residents
• Always let joy take over when little kids stop by to visit or put on shows
• Always have some of the most marvelous stories to tell and craft them in a way that we just can’t stop listening
• Always get others involved with community events, games or Happy Hours or cook-outs
• Always do the best they can each and every day

To our Sagora residents, thank you for being who you are at our communities. Each and every one of you make up each of our community’s DNA and we are glad to put you first in all that we do.

So, Sagora residents, will you be our Valentine?

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