Please – A Resident’s Perspective

Ms. Ruth, a resident at Lakeview at Josey Ranch in Carrollton and member of the community’s group, Lakeview Writer’s Guild, has graciously allowed us to post her work here on the Sagora blog.

Update 3/18: See the Dallas Morning News article here


By Ruth, Lakeview Writer’s Guild


Oh nurse, as you see me all wrinkled and slow,

Time taking me hostage, no place left to go,

Don’t view me as stupid, don’t see me as dumb,

But see in my mirror, from where I have come.


I look in my mirror, and what do I see?

I see a sleek model, she’s just twenty-three!

Now there’s a young wife with dreams, big and small

And then, a new Mother, love wrapped in her shawl.


Please, look in my mirror, please see what I see!

A family, so busy, lives striving to be.

Career there to build on, success there to claim,

No time for reflection, we’re reaching for fame!


We had all those talents, we played all the games.

Success was our trademark…our money…our claim.

These hands, now arthritic, once painted pure bliss,

And eyes, now past reading, sought authors for lists.


Time made me a granny, with babes on my knee.

And granddad,  a proud one, still loving with me!


My image grows  cloudy, my face takes on age,

And grief makes its entrance, life’s turning a page.


So nurse, as you help me to bathe, dress and eat,

Please give me your patience, I once was quite neat!


Don’t view me as  stupid, don’t see me as dumb,

But see in my mirror, from where I have come.


The mirror’s now empty. I no longer can see.

As I reach for eternity, My God, Please, See me!

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