Sagora Associates Are Prepared

Our associates who are caring for your loved ones are fully prepared for an extended duration of care in our Florida communities. Our ‘shelter-in-place’ plan is activated and we will stay with our residents in the community throughout the hurricane events to provide continued access to our top-quality care and provisions.

Last week we implemented our community specific weather impact teams and plans that included positioning additional emergency generators, increasing medicinal supplies, extending associate work hours, scheduling more associates for specific work shifts and coordinating communication at all levels of the organization.

We have stocked the Florida community pantries, kitchens and freezers so that our residents will not need to leave during any stage of extreme storm conditions or post-storm cleanup nearby, unless required by authorities to do so.

As a reminder, any families or other parties seeking information regarding a specific Florida community in the impact area should contact our Regional Director of Operations, Ryan Robertson at 334-663-3025, or a Sagora Senior Living corporate executive directly at 817-916-5907.

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