Sagora Senior Living’s Heartwarming Story for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we are going to tell you a story about a couple of the residents we love serving every day.

Picture this.

A woman moves into an assisted living community because she was experiencing health-related issues at home. She was under-weight and not properly hydrated. She was also not interacting with other people her age, other than with her husband.

When she moved in, she was initially hesitant to come out of her room and participate in the many programs, events and fitness activities. After a while, the warm atmosphere of the community took her out of her shell, and she began attending the scheduled events … every single day. Gladys has now made plenty of friends, and is an active participant in the lifestyle and fitness programs offered at Heritage Place Assisted Living. She even dresses up during the holidays and events, and always has a smile that brightens the entire room.

Her husband, still at home, eventually started noticing his own health deteriorating, and needed daily assistance. But he did not move in with his wife because he was skeptical of ‘old folks homes’. Eventually, his wife and the community showed him retirement living is quite a bit more fun, fulfilling and fruitful than he thought. Walter could not help but notice his wife was blossoming at Heritage Place.

So he moved in with her a month later.

Gladys and Walter have now lived at Heritage Place Assisted Living in Burleson for three months, and they have not looked back!

The lovely couple is doing great and has settled in very well. Gladys has gained the right amount of weight because her nutritional needs are being met on a consistent basis every day. She is physically active in exercise class and is socially and mentally active by going to the mid-week devotional. Her creativity shows in everything she does. She even won first place in Heritage Place’s “Choose Your Decade” outfit!

Walter says that ‘his wife is in heaven here’.

When we say we live off of a “Resident First” philosophy, this testimonial, along with so many others, is what our motto is truly about. As Gladys and Walter thrive in their new home, we thrive on the knowledge that they are living a vibrant, healthy life.

It will always be about our residents. If you and your family are still looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s, please feel free to visit one of our communities’ events, where there will always be food, music and smiles. From us at Sagora, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day.


Heritage Place Assisted Living in Burleson. There is never a dull moment.
Heritage Place Assisted Living in Burleson. There is never a dull moment. Gladys is third from right.

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