Try Something New

March 2nd is the 99th birthday of Dr. Seuss. Having two young sons, I have many of his great “novels” in my home.


Reading these stories to my sons affords me the ability to see things as they do—new and exciting every day. Before my sons were born, I easily got caught up in my daily routine. I didn’t always look for something new and different, as I was comfortable in my everyday happenings. But I am learning that is not just good practice, but a must to break out of my box and try something new. And, try as I might, it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. But success or failure, I gain a new experience that I did not have before. And having that experience is worth it. So in the spirit of Dr. Seuss, get out and go do new things. No one is “too old” for new experiences. Having the tale to tell in and of itself is worth the experience. And most generally, these new experiences can be fun. So get involved with an activity, or share something with us that we might find new. I know that doing this will bring you some fun. And as the good doctor says, fun is good.

– Aaron Fish, Executive Director at Lakestone Terrace in Granbury

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