Walking: A Way of Life For Seniors

Walking is one of the most convenient forms of exercise a person can do to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

“It has been well documented that walking is one of the best forms of exercise that any one person can do in order to achieve weight loss or a healthier lifestyle,” reports HealthMad.com. “It is also one of the cheapest and easiest forms of exercise meaning that it can suit anybody regardless of their needs, budget or expertise. “

HappyHealthToday.com lists a few benefits of walking in their article “The Benefits of Walking For Seniors”:

1.     Improved Cardiovascular Endurance

2.     Proper Posture

3.     Improve Mood

4.     Weight Loss

5.     Improved Sleep

6.     Increased Muscle Tone

Despite how beneficial walking is, making a point to walk everyday to sustain optimal health can be a daunting feat for seniors.  Ideally, seniors should start slow and work their way up to a more intense regimen. “Walking can be done most anywhere and at just about any time. You may want to begin in a mall with other early morning walkers.  There may be a track at your local high school or university,” reports HappyHealthToday.com.

More than anything, seniors need to be safe by walking with a friend and taking note of the below walking tips offered by the American Podiatric Medical Association to get seniors started:

1.     Warm Up And Cool Down

2.     Choose Proper Footgear

3.     Pay Attention To Your Feet

4.     Walk On Soft Ground

5.     Avoid Walking In Cold Weather

6.     If You Have Diabetes, Use Extra Precaution

7.     Exercise Smart

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