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Meet Mendi

mendi-brennity-daphne.jpgMendi's greatest gift is her spirit of warmth and reassurance. Mendi Niblett, Lifestyle Director, and "Art" are synonymous. With a vision, vivid imagination, encouraging spirit and expertise in the arts, residents are always elbow deep in 3-D projects, painting and experimenting with art techniques such as decoupage, water colors, oils, and pastels. The residents at Daphne are constantly on the move through outings, new experiences, crafts, music, volunteering, pay it forward projects and more. Through her love of parallel programming, there is a fulfilling "busy-ness" on any given day. The greatest compliment a Lifestyles Director can receive is a reminisce over a meal about the day and it's only lunch time. Thank you Mendi for giving so much time and attention to your residents' interests and hobbies.