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Betty AdamsBetty_A.JPG

You won’t see Betty without a smile too often. She has too much to be happy about! Betty joined our family at The Brennity at Tradition in 2014. Her son and daughter wanted the very best for Betty and loved the idea of being so close to her. Betty’s son frequents our PGA Golf Club and is able to bring Betty along for lunches and parties.

Betty stays in great shape with our in-house physical therapy and frequent wellness programs. You will also find Betty dancing and singing along at our socials, happy hours, and parties. You can’t keep Betty down! In fact, Betty used to be up in the sky as a pilot! Our daredevil Betty flew her first solo flight when she was just a teenager. When she was on the ground, she inspired young minds as a school teacher.

Today, she accompanies us on local outings and loves having a good time with her friends. Betty is an inspiring resident and we are so excited to have her as part of the Brennity family.

“Everything is wonderful! The people and the place couldn’t be any better. I am blessed to be in such a wonderful home.” – Betty A.