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Dawn-wellness.jpgMeet Dawn

Dawn has been working at the Brennity for over five years and is the driving passion that keeps our residents fit and healthy.  Dawn is our Wellness Director for the community and helps educate residents on healthy eating, staying active, and most of all, making exercise more enjoyable.  Dawn honors Sagora's "resident first philosophy" by designing an exercise program specific to the resident's fitness and health goals and helps them optimize their quality of life. Dawn sums up her role by saying,

We want the residents to feel confident, comfortable, and safe when beginning a wellness program.  We also like to focus on the other dimensions of wellness besides just the physical dimension but also the emotional, social, and intellectual side of wellness.

Dawn-wellness2.jpgThe wellness schedule is action packed full of programs to keep the residents engaged not only on land but also in the water as the Brennity has water aerobics classes. This coming summer, some of the residents are planning on participating in a mini sprint triathlon at the community either as part of a relay team or individually.  Needless to say, Dawn enjoys sharing her love of sports with the Brennity's residents!

Dawn volunteers her extra time to promote fitness among youth sports and also works closely with people afflicted with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  She is a committee member for the local Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Association of Indian River County Walk to Remember and also helps support the Walk to End Alzheimer's, a national level event.

With Dawn investing time in herself with her own fitness, investing time in the residents and their health, and investing time with the community, it's no wonder that we consider Dawn to be one of the healthiest people out there, especially when it comes to happiness!