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Jan-Lakestone-Terrace.jpgJan moved into Lakestone Terrace in 2006 due to wanting to give up caring for a home. The housework, yard work and cooking chores had become too much and in order to enjoy her life more, she decided it would be best to move into a community where she wouldn’t have to tend to those chores anymore.

Since moving in, Jan has fully enjoyed her time at our community. She can participate in as many activities as she’d like, but most importantly is she has more time for her favorite activity: reading! She started a few book clubs and holds regular sessions with our other residents. Living at Lakestone Terrace has brought her a feeling of security with our family-like atmosphere and like-minded residents.

I feel safe at Lakestone Terrace, but more that that, I am a part of a community that is almost like a family. There is a friendship and atmosphere of Christian love that is important to making a place feel like home.
Jan, Resident at Lakestone Terrace since 2006