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Nell-University-Place.jpgWhen you live to be 104, chances are you know a thing or two about living. University Place resident Nell would agree with that as she is on her way to her 105th birthday!

One of ten siblings and spending over 80 years in Snyder, TX in the same farm home, Nell has had quite a life. When asked what she thinks has contributed to her age, she believes that "a dedicated spiritual life, good food like eggs and sausage and good hygiene" are the main components of a long-lived life. She was married to her husband, Odell, for 74 years and has children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren!

Nell believes that the biggest change she has seen over the decades has been technology and that the greatest advice her parents ever gave her still rings true today; "children must obey their parents".

You don't arrive at 104 by just sitting around, so it's no wonder that Nell has a few hobbies and passions such as quilting and crocheting, and especially likes playing the game Forty-Two. At University Place, we sure are lucky to have someone as vibrant as Nell and can't wait to see what she will get her hands on next!