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A Different Kind of Resolution

As we all begin a new year, most people will be thinking about changes that they want to make and inevitably, most people will have a resolution regarding food.  It may be to go on a diet, try new foods, eat healthier, and so on and so forth.  But I would ask that you think about a slightly different version of a food resolution:  Make food a focal point of your social well-being.

Don’t misunderstand me…eating by yourself can be a rewarding experience if done right.  This article from the Denver Post is a great look at the why and how of that.  What I am hoping that you will do is be purposeful about how you eat when with a group.  Many times we may use a meal to rehash the day’s events or complain about work/school/whatever.  Instead use the opportunity to embrace the food you eat as not simply fuel, but as an experience in and of itself.  Curious about Indian food?  Find a simple recipe.  Think that having wine with your meatloaf seems crazy?  Try it.  With all of the exposure that we have every day to things like celebrity chefs and restaurant make-over shows, food & cooking websites, the Food Network, etc., there should be no limit to the number of great ideas that you can come up with.  And don’t be afraid to make meals interactive, especially with the little ones.  There truly is not, in my opinion, a more rewarding experience than eating a great meal that you made with your own two hands and sharing it with others.

We all just spent the past few weeks doing this, with most of us taking away very positive experiences.  So why does that have to end because its January?  I don’t think that it should.  We all have to eat, so why not eat together and indulge ourselves not only in the food we eat but in the company we share it with?


– Aaron Fish

Director of Food & Beverage

Legend Retirement Corporation

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