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Meet Our Associates

Our Associates are the backbone of our operation, taking care of the day-to-day work to ensure a quality experience for residents and their families. We are proud to introduce you to some of the members of our team. Scroll down to get to know some of our Associates.

Meet Amber

Amber joined the Aberdeen Heights team in 2011, and now serves as Lifestyle Director of our community. Amber began volunteering with seniors when she was 8 and quickly developed her passion for seniors at this early age. She is truly passionate about helping others and making them smile and laugh.

Amber is in charge of all of our fun activities, events and programs at Aberdeen. Although it’s hard for her to choose just one activity that she loves the most, she does recommend coming out to our monthly birthday bashes and enjoy live music, dancing, great food and lots of laughter. She is great at getting our residents involved in activities that they originally think they don’t want to participate in, and by the end, the room is filled with laughter and warm smiles.

Amber brings her fresh and positive outlook to work with her every day, and she feels the Lifestyles Director position was made for her. We at Aberdeen are incredibly lucky to have her here, and our residents are all better off by knowing her and sharing their lives with her. She states,

It’s very seldom that you find a job that you truly enjoy and look forward to each and every day. The associates are always kind and encouraging, and as for Anita, I couldn’t have a better role model for a boss! As for the residents, when I am around them, I feel blessed. I feel needed. And above all else, I feel loved.

The love our residents share for Amber is in direct relation to what she gives. She enriches the lives of our residents every day and leaves them all with lasting memories. We are very proud to have her at our community, and we hope you take a minute to say hello to her next time you visit!


Meet Natalie

Hearing from someone that happiness can be found somewhere, but seeing that happiness first hand can make all of the difference. Such was the case for care associate Natalie C. at Aberdeen Heights. In mid 2011, Natalie heard from a friend that Aberdeen’s administration was looking for happy, smart and caring people. Upon visiting the community, she saw that those same qualities trickled down to the residents as well and knew she wanted to be a part of Aberdeen, but Natalie also wanted to contribute. Known for always being on time, accountable and bringing a loving and positive attitude to the residents is what makes her one of a kind.

I have gained an Aberdeen family with the residents and friends from the other care staff, culinary and all areas of employees. We have such a caring staff.

Natalie even goes the extra mile by channeling her inner chef, says Marketing Director Robin; “Natalie loves to cook and is always making wonderful things to share with associates and residents.”

The staff and residents sure are lucky to have such a caring associate be at Aberdeen, especially when they bring homemade food!

“I am always impressed by Natalie’s compassion when caring for the residents and is friendly and kind to everyone.” -Brenda H (Business Director)


Meet Brenda

Brenda joined the Aberdeen team in 2010, and her inspiring attitude has lit up our community ever since! She’s always reliable and willing to help those in need, even when it may not be her current duty. Brenda is blessed with a natural caregiver attitude that brings integrity to all that she does while making each of our residents feel special. It takes a special person to not only do their job well, but also keeps the wellbeing of others in mind. We are proud to have someone like Brenda on our nursing team and are thankful for how she lights up the atmosphere around her!

“Brenda is a team player to the max, always stepping up to the plate when we are in need.”
Natalie, Associate at Aberdeen Heights.


Meet Sherrie

In 2002, Sherrie became a care associate at Aberdeen Heights. She has brought an enormous amount of love and compassion over the past several years, and the Aberdeen team can’t begin to explain how she has affected all the associates and residents for the better. When Sherrie joined the Aberdeen team, she admits she was young and thought she knew everything! She quickly learned that Aberdeen was a challenge and was unlike a job she had ever had before…every day was different and the responsibilities were far more difficult than just giving medications and assistance to residents. Sherrie was taught from the beginning that each resident deserved dignity and respect, and everything she did, it was accomplished with compassion and love.

Sherrie begins every day with the understanding that she is caring for those who have been given to her, and she believes they are in her life for a reason. The residents at Aberdeen have more wisdom, patience and love than can be imagined, and Sherrie is fully aware of what they have given to her.

Over the past twelve years, Sherrie has spent an innumerable amount of time with other care associates, home health associates, hospice nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and doctors who have all taken the time to educate her and help her become successful at what she does. There’s no challenge she can’t overcome now, and no situation that arises that she can’t figure out.

Working at Aberdeen Heights has made Sherrie the person she is today. Aberdeen can’t explain enough how vital she has been for the residents, associates, family members and community volunteers that have entered our building. If there is a more confident, strong, willing to go the extra mile with love and compassionate person in this world, we’d put them up against Sherrie. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Sherrie’s favorite quote says it applies to what working at Aberdeen Heights has taught her over the years:

In its best meaning, wealth, much what one has, as what he is. We don’t work merely to acquire, we work to become a success in life. It isn’t measured by what we can get out of it, but rather by what we can become big in it. The greatest possible accomplishment is what we can help ourselves or someone else to become.

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