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Meet Amber

Meet Amber

Amber joined the Aberdeen Heights team in 2011, and now serves as Lifestyle Director of our community. Amber began volunteering with seniors when she was 8 and quickly developed her passion for seniors at this early age. She is truly passionate about helping others and making them smile and laugh.

Amber is in charge of all of our fun activities, events and programs at Aberdeen. Although it’s hard for her to choose just one activity that she loves the most, she does recommend coming out to our monthly birthday bashes and enjoy live music, dancing, great food and lots of laughter. She is great at getting our residents involved in activities that they originally think they don’t want to participate in, and by the end, the room is filled with laughter and warm smiles.

Amber brings her fresh and positive outlook to work with her every day, and she feels the Lifestyles Director position was made for her. We at Aberdeen are incredibly lucky to have her here, and our residents are all better off by knowing her and sharing their lives with her. She states,

It’s very seldom that you find a job that you truly enjoy and look forward to each and every day. The associates are always kind and encouraging, and as for Anita, I couldn’t have a better role model for a boss! As for the residents, when I am around them, I feel blessed. I feel needed. And above all else, I feel loved.

The love our residents share for Amber is in direct relation to what she gives. She enriches the lives of our residents every day and leaves them all with lasting memories. We are very proud to have her at our community, and we hope you take a minute to say hello to her next time you visit!


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