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Resident Care

Sagora is committed to providing a healthy environment and lifestyle for our residents. In this Wellness section, you will discover tips and ideas to get healthy, stay healthy and live your life to the fullest.


Our Wellness Articles

Music and Memories
Music is very important in my life. Have you ever been driving down the road and hear a song you haven’t heard in years? Funny how we can remember certain things like all the words, where we were when we…
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Live for the Moment, Live for Joy
Our milestones are our benchmarks for those once in a lifetime “firsts:” Our first job, car, kiss, rollercoaster ride, motorcycle, tattoo, graduation, home, children, grandkids – the list goes on and on.  Do you remember how you felt? Although our…
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The Gift of Music
How is it that there are times when we can’t find our keys, or we search endlessly for parking lots for our cars, but when that favorite song plays, we remember our first kiss? Or we smile fondly, thinking back…
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The Gift of Forgiveness
Have you ever met someone who’s easy going and at peace no matter what comes their way in life? When a person is centered and at peace, it seems they can handle anything, right? The tranquility of their inner spirit…
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Brain Awareness Month
How many times do we ask ourselves, “Where did I leave my keys?” Better yet, how many times have we finished a day of shopping only to search for our car in a parking lot? When we’re young, it may…
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Sagora Senior Games
Many of us joined competitive sports teams when we were young. Some even played professionally. That love and passion for sports stay with us throughout life.  Now, whether it’s the solitude of the driving range or the fun of gathering…
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