Ageless: A Granbury Artist’s Stroke of Creativity

Part 2 of Sagora’s ‘Ageless’ series.

Meet Jackie – Granbury Artist

Jacqueline, or Jackie for short, is the wearer of many hats. She is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, real estate broker, Christian … and an artist in Granbury.

Jackie has participated in several local art shows in Granbury. She sells her work often and has won awards. She was a real estate broker for 38 years, but she had always wanted to try her hand at something a bit more creative.

45 years ago, while still living with her husband in their home, Jackie became inspired to take action and develop a hobby as a painter.

"I love it here."
“I love it here.”

She was walking down the paint aisle at a store, and stopped. She looked at the various shades of colors and thought one particular hue would look great as a painting in her home.

The next day, when her husband came home from his job as a salesman, he saw a brand new painting hanging over the fireplace. He thought she had bought it.

“Oh hell, your mother’s been shopping again,” was all he said.

Jackie was born in Sylvania, Georgia. She eventually relocated to Granbury. Her five children were grown and out of the house, with their own kids who visit Jackie on a regular basis.

Back in 2008, while Waterview was under construction, Jackie lived right across the street and saw the building coming together piece by piece from her window. “I want to live there right when it gets built,” she declared to her husband.

Fast forward a few years later, and a lot has changed. Jackie lives at Waterview now, and is always active. Her husband has since passed, but she is always surrounded by friends, and her artwork. She has a warm smile on her face, especially when it comes to talking art.

Nowadays, she dabbles in acrylic paint, oils and watercoloring. She loves pastel. She and a friend were asked to provide one of their paintings to hang in the offices at Tarleton University. She is also a member of the Lake Granbury Art AssociationGranbury Arts Alliance, Kimbell Art Museum in downtown Fort Worth and a signature member of the Society of Watercolor Artists (SWA) in Fort Worth. Her apartment is colorful and beautiful with her paintings hung on the walls. They craft a story, with memories, people, landscapes, and nature depicted in them.


Jackie, senior living resident and Granbury artist at Waterview, participates in local art shows. Shown here is her wall of art at the Uptown Gallery in Granbury, TX. Photo by Jackie
Jackie, Granbury artist and senior living resident at Waterview, participates in local art shows. Shown here is her wall of art at the Uptown Gallery in Granbury, TX. Photo by Jackie S.

Jackie says focusing on a passion rather than constant responsibility is a great change of pace.

“It is nice to not have to work … no house upkeep, bills or repairs. I love the building and the decoration [at Waterview] … but most of all, I love the people.”

For Jackie, becoming older does not mean you stop pursuing your dream. Sometimes it means you are just getting started.

View Jackie’s testimonial

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