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Sagora Senior Living: COVID-19 Update – May 23, 2020

On May 22 and today, May 23, we administered COVID-19 tests for our residents and associates in contact with our associate that tested positive on May 21 for COVID-19. We are relieved to report that none of our residents or associates tested positive for the virus.

Because none of our residents tested positive for the virus, we will lift the resident quarantine effective today, May 23, 2020. While residents will be allowed to leave their apartments and enter the main community, they still must not leave the community unless for a medical emergency. We will continue to prohibit families, volunteers and non-essential providers from visiting as put into effect on Friday, March 13, 2020 and we will continue to practice social distancing with no communal dining or large group events at this time.

We will continue to post any updates regarding COVID-19 as they arise via social media and internal communications with our associates, residents and their responsible parties

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