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Being Renewed Inside and Out

As the ball dropped at midnight and the champagne popped, many Sagora residents were already thinking about how to stick to their New Year’s resolutions in 2017. They weren’t alone as Lifestyle Directors got to work to make sure 2017 is the best year yet.

It didn’t take long for Lynridge’s Lifestyle Director, Debra Zepeda, to come up with some ideas. “The lifestyle theme for January was New Year, New You, but all lifestyle directors get to choose what we want to do with the theme,” Debra said, “I decided on makeovers, spiritual renewal, selecting better foods, and a physical exercise that residents can do in their rooms or join us for our fitness classes.”

The makeover idea was a huge hit. Debra brought in outside professionals to assist the ladies in creating new hairstyles and makeup routines.  Debra jokes that she also wanted to paint all of their nails but most of them already get them done professionally, and she couldn’t compete with the professionals.

The spiritual renewal was also a crowd favorite. Debra started by using her arts and crafts class to make shelf sitters: small cards that have a positive message on them to keep residents motivated.

She also started a program called Jesus Lives. This devotional program centers around biblical chapters that focus on feelings such as sadness, joy, and worry. The turnout has been higher than Debra hoped, and she plans to keep the program throughout the year.

Selecting better foods is a collection of works Debra put together for residents to read. The collection consists of Zero Foods, The Heart Association Diet, Atkins Diet, and a copy of “Sofa Abs” (exercises you can do on your sofa).

Check out your communities Lifestyle calendar to see what they are up to and make sure to review the fitness schedule.

The Lynridge team has started 2017 off right, and they are excited for the next month’s theme of SweetHEARTS.

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