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Meet Our Associates

Our Associates are the backbone of our operation, taking care of the day-to-day work to ensure a quality experience for residents and their families. We are proud to introduce you to some of the members of The Brennity at Daphne team.

Meet Mendi

Mendi’s greatest gift is her spirit of warmth and reassurance. Mendi Niblett, Lifestyle Director, and “Art” are synonymous. With a vision, vivid imagination, encouraging spirit and expertise in the arts, residents are always elbow deep in 3-D projects, painting and experimenting with art techniques such as decoupage, water colors, oils, and pastels. The residents at Daphne are constantly on the move through outings, new experiences, crafts, music, volunteering, pay it forward projects and more. Through her love of parallel programming, there is a fulfilling “busy-ness” on any given day. The greatest compliment a Lifestyles Director can receive is a reminisce over a meal about the day and it’s only lunch time. Thank you Mendi for giving so much time and attention to your residents’ interests and hobbies.


Meet Cheryl

Cheryl joined The Brennity at Daphne team in 2011 as a Resident Associate because she loves helping others and working with seniors. She helps unify our community with her strong work ethic and dedication to her fellow associates. Teamwork and resident excellence is most important to her, and this dedication is passed on to all the associates at our community. Cheryl makes it a priority to know as much as she can about our residents and their family members, to help make our community truly a home for them.

Our residents and associates feel Cheryl’s love for them and her job on a daily basis. She is cheerful, positive and is always able to put a smile on the face of those around her. Cheryl works hard to make sure all our residents are engaged and happy, and with all of their needs met. She truly follows our ‘Resident First’ philosophy and we are grateful to have her apart of The Brennity at Daphne team!

Cheryl is a dependable associate who goes out of her way to support residents, families and her co-workers alike. Cheryl’s hard work and dedication to caring for others is a wonderful testament to her kind spirit and strong leadership qualities.
– Kendrick, Lifestyles Director at The Brennity at Daphne Memory Care


Meet Mandrella

Often times in this world, people can be referred to as lighthouses. They provide a light when it seems dark for others and stand firm in who they are. At The Brennity at Daphne Memory Care, Mandrella is definitely a lighthouse in the way she provides comfort for our residents. Mandrella is one of our Resident Care Service associates at The Brennity at Daphne Memory Care. In addition to being a part of our team, she proudly serves our country alongside another team with her service in the National Guard. Mandrella’s positive attitude towards her residents is witnessed on a daily basis at The Brennity at Daphne Memory Care. She uses her caring hands to assist our residents with their daily activities, meals, and needs. During the Christmas holidays, she went above and beyond to volunteer and ensure the residents looked their best for our open house. She gives all her attention to our residents with care and compassion and provides a safe, enjoyable environment for them to live in. Mandrella is an exceptional associate and we are proud to say she is a part of our team. Thanks for everything you do, Mandrella!

Mandrella knows everything about us! She means so much more than just an employee to us.
-Dorothy, Resident of The Brennity at Daphne Memory Care

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