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Meet Our Residents

Meet a few of the seniors who are proud to call The Brennity at Fairhope “home.” They come from diverse walks of life, but agree that our community provides the comfort and amenities that make life great, and the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Scroll down to see what they say about living here, and become more familiar with the residents we serve.

Meet Mary

In 2000, Mary began looking at retirement communities on the Eastern Shore, and came across The Brennity at Fairhope. She immediately loved the community, moved in and has been happy here ever since. Upon moving into our community, she has had more time to focus on her passions, mainly quilting, working on puzzles, and playing golf. Mary worked in apartment management for over 40 years and takes pride in living at our community, saying that she loves our associates, how our community is run, and finds the people to be very helpful.

What matters most in life to Mary is her family, and she’s proud to have two beautiful daughters, many grandchildren and one great-grandchild. When we asked her what one piece of advice she’d give to the next generation, she cheerfully replied, “Behave! Do good work and keep up your good work throughout your life.” We couldn’t agree more and love knowing that Mary is a follower of her own beliefs.

Mary takes part in many of our activities and always has a smile on her face. She’s a true joy to be around and we all are thankful that she has chosen to share her life with us.

What I like best about The Brennity at Fairhope is the activities. I enjoy the music entertainment, the Bingo games and visiting with the other residents and associates.”
– Mary, The Brennity at Fairhope resident since 2000


Meet Anna

The joy of company is often unspoken, but The Brennity at Fairhope resident Anna understands the value and importance of it, which became the driving force of how she ended up at The Brennity.

Earlier in 2014, Ann noticed things weren’t as lively as they used to be. Ann says, “I was living in a place where many times I found myself at home alone. I wanted to be around people.” Shortly after, Anna moved to The Brennity and has thoroughly enjoyed her time here. She enjoys reading, catching up on favorite TV shows and spending time with others. “I enjoy speaking to everyone I meet and making them feel comfortable. I am moving around more than I ever was; it’s really good for me”, states Anna.

When asked what wisdom meant to Anna, she says, “Having the knowledge to share what is right and wrong.” Well said, Anna, and we are glad you have found joyous company in the associates and other residents at The Brennity at Fairhope!


Meet Wally & Mary

Wally and Mary decided to move into The Brennity at Fairhope in 2014 due to the cleanliness of the community, the well-maintained landscape, and the attentiveness of our associates. They most enjoy their morning coffee and conversation with other residents and you will find them playing bingo every time it is offered. They are also relieved that their healthcare and living needs are taken care of – from medication management and nursing support to cooking, cleaning and home maintenance. They also enjoy our bus trips around town, the group transportation we provide and the luncheon outings with their new friends.

Making new friends has been one of the biggest perks since moving in for Wally and Mary!

“I am pleased that my parents found a new home that meets their needs and that they can spend quality time together as they age.”
– Daughter of Wally and Mary, The Brennity at Fairhope Residents since 2014


Meet Clara

Clara, a resident of The Brennity at Fairhope since 2008, just celebrated her 100th birthday. When you achieve a mark like that, you are entitled to give expert advice! When we asked for advice and wisdom from Clara, she explained it was her good, clean living that allowed her to meet that mark by stating that she “ate healthy, exercised daily, and got plenty of sleep at night”.

Clara grew up in the country in DeKalb, IL and loved skiing, ice-skating, and playing piano. She spent her life teaching Latin to high school students for 15 years, and after her day of teaching, would head to her second job as a secretary in a steel mill where she worked for 22 years. With a schedule like that you can believe it’s hard to get in daily exercise, but Clara made sure it happened, and it definitely paid off!

Clara was married for 48 years to her beloved husband Paul, and they had two children. When asked what the best piece of advice for the next generation was, Clara stated she would tell them to “get an education! An education is one of the most important things in life”. It doesn’t matter the age, the mind always wants to learn. With an emphasis on a clean living and continuing education, there is no surprise when you find out she has thrived for 100 years.

Clara is a true joy to have at The Brennity at Fairhope. Her smart and funny wit and friendship to many residents is what makes The Brennity at Fairhope a great place. We are lucky to be able to share our lives with her!

“I like living here because everyone here takes good care of me. I like that we always have something to do.”
– Clara, The Brennity at Fairhope resident since 2008

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