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Meet Our Residents

Meet some of the seniors who are proud to call The Brennity at Melbourne “home.” Scroll down to see what they say about living here, and become more familiar with the residents we serve.

Happy 100th Birthday Sarah!

If you are ever wondering if there is a fountain of youth in this world, one of the few people who may know will be The Brennity at Melbourne resident Sarah, who is turning 100 years young. When asked what the secret was to a long, happy and healthy life, Sarah responded with, “Don’t take yourself too seriously”! Sarah always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is very proud of her Irish heritage, and she attributes that as to why she likes to have so much fun and probably why she has had such a “luck” filled life! Must be the luck of the Irish!


Sarah was born on a farm in Missouri and was the oldest child with two younger brothers, though she spent her school years in Arkansas. Her family was raised in a very religious environment and encouraged the value of an education. Sarah considers herself to be a tomboy and has always loved sports, especially football and baseball in the sandlot! She attended college and double majored in English and Music. After graduating, Sarah became a teacher, where she started out on top but found her niche with younger kids, “I started out teaching High School and then worked my way down to Kindergarten, where I belonged”. As you can see, Sarah has always been young at heart!

Sarah met her husband during the Depression and he instantly knew that she was the one for him.
After three months of courtship, they were married on Christmas Day in 1935. Her husband was a Presbyterian minister, and when they were first married, he had his own congregation. During World War II he joined the Air Force and from 1962 – 1965 they were stationed in England. In 1968 they both retired and moved to Florida. Together, they have a son and a daughter.

Sarah has always had such an adventurous spirit which results in her many interests. She appreciates art, enjoys music, sports, bowling and has always loved playing Bridge. For 20 years she played competitive Tournament Bridge and has been awarded a Bronze Life Master status by the ACBL!

Sarah never learned to ride a bike but felt more at home on a saddle as she rode horses. She is an avid bird watcher and can tell you about all of the local birds and migratory birds, especially the Blue Heron, as it is her favorite. When she lived at IRCC, she had a Blue Heron that she fed regularly and it would call to her every day for its meal. She loves to travel and took a trip to Morocco that was arranged by Epcot when it first opened. Sarah spent her 90th birthday on a cruise through the Panama Canal, and that same year she visited Ireland! Another personal adventure begins in June as she welcomes a Great Grandchild!

Sarah moved to The Brennity at Melbourne in March 2009 and was one of its first residents. She is always out and about, walking around the community and welcomes all of the new residents and visitors with a smile. We all know meeting new people can be an adventure, so it’s not hard to imagine Sarah being one of the first people to dive-in and welcome new friends!

With a spirit as tenacious as Sarah’s, we hope her thirst for adventure is never quenched and we can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for her! Happy Birthday, Sarah!

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