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Sagora Senior Living: COVID-19 Update – September 22, 2020

Great news for our Texas communities! Governor Abbott has expanded indoor visitation options for senior living communities effective Thursday, September 24. Our community will offer the following two options.
1. Indoor Plexiglass Visits: Any community that meets the HHSC requirements and is approved by the state can allow visitors to come into the community and visit with their loved one through a plexiglass barrier. The state requires proper social distancing, to have no COVID positive cases for at least 14 days, and full screening process to occur. Our team is actively working with the state for these approvals. We are excited to start these visits and would love to schedule your visit, but please know the date and time will be tentative until we receive approval from HHSC.
2. Essential Family Caregiver Visits: As outlined by our Governor, our residents and their families can identify 1-2 essential family caregivers who will need to complete the necessary training to allow them to safely go inside the community for a scheduled visit, including in the resident’s apartment. We are so excited to partner with you again to support your loved one’s physical, social and emotional needs. This option REQUIRES a negative test result for COVID-19 be obtained by the essential family caregivers prior to the initial visit.
Please feel free to reach out to our community to start scheduling your indoor plexiglass visits. We will be communicating to our residents and their primary family contacts for further instructions on essential family caregiver visits. We are doing our best to make this happen as safe and as soon as possible. We ask for your continued patience through this process as we want you reconnecting with your family members as much as you do.

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