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Four Friends, 3,000 Miles, One Great Adventure

Joyce, Jackie, Jean, and Lois did not know each other before they moved to Waterview, but it did not take long for a bond of friendship to grow between them. This past summer, they took that camaraderie to a whole new level by taking an adventurous road trip, totaling more than 3,100 miles in 13 days.

With Joyce as the primary driver and Jackie as the navigator, they were on their way. Their trip took them sight-seeing in New Orleans then driving the coastline to Sebring, Florida where they were able to visit Lois’ sister, whom she hadn’t seen in 7 years. They made their way to Orlando for a boat tour and a trip to the Tiffany Museum. They stayed with Jackie’s daughter where she was also able to meet her newest great-granddaughter, who was only 3 months old. They weren’t done with Florida just yet. They visited the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, where they enjoyed a historic tour.

Their journey then took them north to Jekyll Island, GA, where they got to put their toes in the sand of the Atlantic Ocean. They enjoyed a magical night’s stay at a Jekyll Island beach hotel which was accompanied by an ocean view. The venture continued to Savannah, GA, for a trolley car tour and they enjoyed a quaint lunch at the legendary Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House Dining Room.

Jackie shared a piece of her history in her hometown of Sylvania, GA. In Sylvania, they were greeted by the mayor, an old school friend of Jackie’s. She showed them where she was born, where she got married and the house she lived in. “I feel fortunate to have such good friends to be able to share my life history with. We would have never met if we hadn’t moved to Waterview,” Jackie said.

Their adventure continued through South Carolina where the girls were introduced to a lifelong friend Jackie has known since 6th grade who treated them to a delicious, home-cooked crab dinner. They continued on to Vicksburg, MI, where they check the 16-mile Civil War Museum and Cemetery off their list. The ladies took a leisure break to enjoy some gambling at the slots of a hotel on the river. At their final stop in Bossier City, LA, they enjoyed one last round of gambling before finishing the last leg of the road home.

Four ladies representing Iowa, Texas, Georgia, and Kansas, with backgrounds as diverse as the history they encountered along the way. “This trip proved our independence,” Jean said, “Retirement can be overwhelming. When you reach a certain age, they say, ‘You can’t do that.’ This trip shows you can do anything.”

Lois said, “It strengthened our friendship.”

“It was good getting away,” Joyce said, “Because of the flooding rains, I didn’t get to shake my toosh on Bourbon Street like I’d hoped, but the memories were the best. Jackie wouldn’t let Jean and Lois eat in the car so they could stop and eat a good meal, but we could hear them eating snacks in the back seat.” The adventurers managed to stop at every Cracker Barrel they came across on their road trip.

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