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Hurricane Cleanup Continues

More good news in Florida! As of this morning, the hurricane cleanup is already underway again today. Brennity at Tradition in Port St Lucie and Brennity at Vero Beach have power restored; however, Brennity at Melbourne is waiting for crews, reportedly working in the local municipal area of Melbourne, to attempt to restore power. We are monitoring this closely and will report when the power companies reconnect electricity at Melbourne.

Our pre-hurricane preparations served each community effectively and efficiently. These plans remain in place until executives determine next steps on a case-by-case basis. Our back-up generators will remain in designated areas at each community to accommodate functioning mechanical refrigeration and portable air conditioning units. We will keep them accessible until the environment has stabilized for a reasonable amount of time.

At Melbourne, additional resources will begin arriving today. We have reports that most wireless phone connections are still possible from inside our community and the high-water threats are significantly improved. We consider it a blessing that our communities were spared the more catastrophic impact from the hurricane. We continue to watch with cautious optimism.

As a reminder, any families or other parties seeking information regarding a specific Florida community in the impact area should contact a Sagora Senior Living corporate executive directly at 817-916-5907.

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