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Hurricane Irma Notice

As Hurricane Irma approaches, it could possibly impact some of our Florida and coastal communities including The Brennity at Daphne, at Fairhope, at Melbourne, at Tradition and at Vero Beach. Respectively, we want to inform you of our weather-related preparations to keep residents as safe and comfortable as possible during the potential storm conditions.

Sagora Senior Living is cooperating with local municipalities and weather advisers to ensure the safety of all our residents. Because of this effort, our associates near the potential hurricane impact zones are fully prepared for an extended duration of care for our assisted living and memory care residents.

Currently, our residents are not in any mandatory or voluntary evacuation areas; however, we are well-prepared to manage certain residents with a ‘shelter in place’ situation if needed. The benefits of this plan are that we can keep assisted living and memory care residents in their homes before, during and after the challenges of rapid weather changes with continued access to our top-quality care and provisions.

As a reminder, any families or other parties seeking information regarding a specific community in the coastal impact area should contact the Sagora Senior Living corporate executive directly at 817-916-5907. Additional information will be made available as needed through our primary social media site:

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