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Living To Be 100

A few months ago I met a resident named George at our Aberdeen Heights community in Tulsa. He asked me to take a walk with him, so I could see the 2-mile loop he makes every morning. George is in his 80s, he has had heart problems and cardiac surgery and his main focus on life now is to live to be 100. So he eats right, and walks 2 miles every day. I quickly realized that my walk with George was no easy stroll; he is a power walker and it took me a minute to get adjusted and keep up with his speed. I learned a lot about George on that walk, and much of what he told me has stayed with me even today.

Most of us have the choice to live to be 100. We all know how to eat right and exercise and omit stress; however, many of us choose not to. After my time with George, I have decided to make living to be 100 one of my goals. Most mornings, on my 2-mile jog, I think of George, power walking through his community with a smile on his face. And my vegetarian lifestyle is hovering much closer to being a vegan these days. They are not easy choices, but if George can do it, I can do it too.

Here’s to a healthy 2012. Let’s all take a look at our lifestyle and see what changes we can make so we can all join the Centenarian Club.

~Jennifer Malloy

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