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We recently had some new pictures hung at the Home Office.   Not just any pictures, real photographs of our Residents and Associates.  I love the pictures but I have also really enjoyed witnessing the reactions of the Home Office Associates to the pictures.

Instant recognition of Residents, prompt stories of favorite moments spent together or a life achievement or an endearing quality that has affected an Associate.  I’ve learned a lot about the people I work with from these pictures.

As I walked down the hall to grab a cup of coffee this morning I stopped at one particular picture;  a man playing the harmonica, surrounded by what I imagine are his children and grandchildren, smiling on as he plays for them.

I notice the simple gold band on his finger and wonder how many smiles he brought to his wife’s face over the years they were married.

I see the pens in the pocket of his pressed white shirt and imagine that whatever he did in his life he probably gave it a lot of attention and probably brought a smile to his employer’s or employee’s  faces too.

Today he brings a smile to my face.

Being relatively new to the company, I haven’t met a lot of our Residents but even so, I enjoy looking at each and every one.  They remind me of the fun I had with my own Grandparents, now long gone and they are the image of times to come when our teens are grown up with a family of their own.

They are not models or generic stock photos, but  real residents who live in our Communities.    So even though my role at Legend does not require me to visit our Communities on a regular basis, these photographs connect me to the core of Legend Retirement and remind me every day,  that our business is not numbers – it’s first and foremost about the people we serve.

I think the pictures are a priceless edition to our décor.

Ali Britton





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