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Resident Soars after 91st Birthday Surprise

Jack Wright got a repeat surprise of a lifetime for his 91st birthday when he copiloted a flight over Burleson, TX. Jack’s daughters amazed him, again, by chartering a plane at nearby Spinks airport for a birthday flight around Burleson. For his 90th birthday, Jack copiloted a flight over the Dallas / Fort Worth region.

“I did not know ahead of time, but I was a little suspicious. My daughters were acting a little nervous. I had done that before so I thought there was something up,” Jack said.

During Jack’s flight over Burleson, Heritage Place associates set up a large banner and balloons outside Heritage Place so that when Jack flew over, he would be able to see their celebration on the ground.

“I just really like to fly,” Jack said. Jack flew planes all throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area as a hobby.

“People would need a quick ride to the DFW airport, and I would fly them over on a small plane. They would then catch their flight on a big commercial plane,” Jack said.

Jack said he never thought he could be a commercial airline pilot but loved flying small planes for fun. He enjoys flying closer to the ground and being able to see everything that is going on down below.

Jack spent two years fighting in WWII. He was a part of Navy but never flew a plane during his service time. It was the time spent up in the air during the war that inspired him to fly when he got back to the U.S.

After the service, Jack got moved back to Texas and married his wife, Betty Jean. Jack and Betty raised their two daughters while he owned a machine shop.

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