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Respite Care is Good for You and Your Loved One

Respite Care is Good for You and Your Loved One

Respite Care can be a good idea for everyone involved. Caregivers and their loved ones, as well as seniors exploring the concept of assisted living or who need a transition between rehab and home.

Respite care accommodates varying needs of individuals on multiple levels, making it more than temporary relief for a caregiver. Respite care offers:

    • a comfortable, supervised transition period after surgery or rehab, prior to returning home.
    • a caregiver time for a much-needed rest.
    • a senior that isn’t certain about the assisted living or memory care community an opportunity to experience the services and amenities offered before making a final decision.


Respite care isn’t short-term rehab, although they are similar. Respite targets the senior that has finished rehab, but still needs help with activities of daily living. Taking advantage of Respite services offered by a senior living community allow a former patient to smoothly transition back to an independent lifestyle. While temporarily living in an Assisted Living Community the resident receives the same individualized, compassionate and quality care from qualified industry professionals, just like permanent residents.

Caregivers also can benefit from Respite care programs at senior communities. Mayo Clinic reports that one in three adults in the US provides care to other adults as informal caregivers. As our population ages, more and more caregiving is being provided by people that are not healthcare professionals. The emotional and physical stress of caregiving—labeled caregiver stress—is characterized by anger, frustration, exhaustion and sadness.

It is both common and natural. Left unrecognized, caregiver stress can lead to major health problems.

Respite care for a loved one allows a caregiver to leave their family member or friend in professional care while he or she has a temporary rest from caregiving. The loved one will receive the highest quality of care in a safe, comfortable environment. This allows the caregiver to take a much-needed vacation—whether it is at home or away.

Taking advantage of Respite services at a community also might be considered a sort of vacation by seniors that are considering a move into the residence. They can experience senior living firsthand, again while receiving the same individualized care, services and amenities offered to permanent residents. Short-term visitors eat the same food, participate in the same activities, and receive the same standard of care.

Costs of Respite care vary by community. Most community programs are based on availability and require reservations. Many also have a minimum and maximum length of stay requirement.

Reach out to a senior living community near you to learn more about their Respite Program.


Written by Becky Deo
July 26, 2018

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