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Sagora Florida Communities Are Prepared for Effects of Hurricane Irma

Our residents and associates are experiencing effects of Hurricane Irma as it passes through Florida. Everyone is safe.

Currently, the electricity is out at three communities: The Brennity at Melbourne, The Brennity at Tradition in Port St Lucie and The Brennity at Vero Beach. We are working closely with local authorities to restore power to these communities, and because we are senior living communities, we are considered a top priority for power reconnection and medical attention along with hospitals and similar centers.

Meanwhile, we have back-up generators to supply limited power in designated areas and portable air conditioning units to accommodate heat related considerations in temporary “cool rooms” inside the communities. We have prepared for these and other storm effects by stocking additional emergency supplies, food, water and satellite communications devices. We use specific planning drills for residents to practice procedures and to coach them on how to keep comfort and nutrition top of mind. We have rehearsed for high wind and high water situations.

We have placed executive leaders in multiple locations in Florida and in our corporate offices in Texas to bridge ongoing communications each hour as scheduled. We are confident your prayers and thoughts are helping support a calm environment and will benefit us all.

As a reminder, any families or other parties seeking information regarding a specific Florida community in the impact area should contact our Regional Director of Operations, Ryan Robertson at 334-663-3025, or a Sagora Senior Living corporate executive directly at 817-916-5907.

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