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Say Hi to Bryan

The first time I visited a Legend community, a resident pulled me aside and asked who I was. I explained that I worked in the home office in Fort Worth and managed the advertising and creative marketing for the communities. He said, “Oh, you work with Bryan!” with a huge grin, and exclaimed, “say hi to Bryan for me!”

I thought that was really sweet – that a resident would know who the president of our company was, and wanted to say hello. I have worked in senior living for five years now, and have never heard something like this from a resident before, so this moment definitely stayed on my mind.

Since then I have visited all of our communities – many multiple times, and after I introduce myself, I often have a resident come up and tell me “say hi to Bryan for me”.

I would like to imagine that a business world exists where clients, customers and associates know who leads their company, and vice versa.  This is very rare but I am proud to say it does exist within Legend.

Bryan is the President of Legend Retirement Corp; a title that he does not bring up too often. He would rather be seen as one of us than someone who is unapproachable. This is apparent every time I go to a community, and every time I talk to another Legend associate. Our residents know who the person is that is in charge of their living environments, they know him incredibly well. He does not just visit to report good or bad news, or to talk business; he goes to our communities to talk to the residents, to get to know them, to meet their children.

Free time is not something many of us have a lot of, it is certainly not something the president of a company has much of. It says a lot to me that the president of the company I am proud to work for, the president of a company that so many seniors choose to take part of, spends his free time at the communities, with our residents, learning their stories.

That is why Legend Retirement is the leader in senior living – because we are not a lead by a boss, or a manager, but a leader.

I look forward to my next trip to a community, when I can talk to the residents and hear them exclaim, “say hi to Bryan for me”.

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