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Seniors Downsizing: Decluttering a Senior’s Home

Downsizing with seniors can be quite the adventure. According to the CDC, one of the highest stress points for seniors is any type of change. This is especially true when it comes to that point in their life where they must consider either moving to a retirement community, or continue to maintain the upkeep of their homes.

Sagora Downsizing Guide
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This can be a frustrating and stressful time for your loved one. For seniors, downsizing may mean that they must uproot everything from a home they have most likely lived in for decades. Their home did not just hold things: It held their life, such as family members, memories, emotions and priceless objects.

What seniors and adult children might not know is that downsizing from living alone in a house can be a liberating feeling. In fact, moving to a retirement community does not just help clean up a loved one’s home. It can also help put away potential depression from isolation of others their own age, not enough physical activity, or a sense of having no purpose. Sagora communities hold constant lifestyle activities, frequent trips to fun events and specialized fitness classes, offering as little or as much participation as needed for your mom or dad.

Sagora capitalizes on a Resident First philosophy, and that means making such a life-changing move as convenient as possible for future residents. Read below to find out why downsizing may not be as much of a necessary evil after all for any type of living, whether it is for independent, assisted living or memory care.

Changing Your Mindset

Moving can actually be fun if your loved one gives themselves enough time to go through old boxes, and really remember the good times. Downsizing is often good for a senior’s health in various ways. The distance to the most used areas of the house are now closer, and there are not as many trip hazards, or long walks to and from areas of the house, minimizing the chance of falls or getting winded. Freeing your mind of clutter means more time for hobbies and new experiences. Downsizing helps keep a calmer mind and clearer thoughts.


A common idea for keeping memorabilia around is to simply take photos of them, and put the photos into a scrapbook. The physical items may not be there, but they can still be looked on in a photo and reminisced without cluttering up your loved one’s new home.


Donating your mom or dad’s items to a local or national organization leaves a sense of good will. It is comforting for your parent to know that their items are helping someone else.


Many retirement communities, such as Sagora, offer spacious, independent living cottages for seniors who are not quite ready to move into an apartment. Seniors can have daily, social interaction with other residents and the associates while still feeling like they have a spacious place of their own to call home … And without the housekeeping, maintenance or yard work!

Hiring Professionals: Downsizing Specialists

Feeling overwhelmed? Downsizing specialists do a lot of the packing, organizing, donating and setting up the estate sell.

It is important to think of the future at this life-changing moment for your loved one. They should be spending time doing the things they want to do rather than the things they have to do. A lot of people do not want to move later in life because they have so many things in their house. If you and your loved one start organizing now, you both can plan for that move in the future, and it won’t be so overwhelming when they might not be in the best health.

Seniors Who Downsized

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Wanda’s Apartment in Fort Worth, TX

Sam’s Apartment in Fort Worth, TX

Clint and Mary-Ann’s Apartment in Granbury, TX

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Please feel free to download our downsizing guide for more information and detailed tips on how you can make the downsizing process as seamless as possible.

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