Seniors Skydiving, Getting Tattoos, Taking a Risk and Living Life to the Fullest

Everyone has heard the term ‘Age is Just a Number’, but do our older generations actually live up to it? When was the last time a senior took a risk, faced their fears and conquered that internal battle inside? To residents at Sagora, it happens every day.

86-year-old resident at The Brennity at Vero Beach in Florida, Mr. Phil, decided he wanted to do the unexpected for his birthday. What could a senior in retirement do to live life on the edge? Go skydiving, of course! He pursued his adventure, and went to Skydiving Sebastian this week, where he experienced the thrill of a lifetime. He says he is still feeling the rush.

Senior Resident Skydiving
Mr. Phil at 86-years-old skydiving! Talk about a leap of faith. Who says seniors don’t live exciting lives?

At Waterview in Granbury, TX, Lifestyle Director Laura Bush wanted to amp up the games room, and posted an event for a billiards game one day. When she walked into the room, she saw 99-year-old Mr. George, one of the newer residents, eagerly waiting. George says he hasn’t played pool in 40 years … but when he propped himself up on the pool table to do a trick shot, one wouldn’t know the wiser! George played for a solid hour.

Waterview senior living in Granbury
Mr. George, 99-years-old and playing a great game of pool at Waterview retirement community in Granbury.
Waterview senior living in Granbury
Mr. George, 99-years-old and playing a great game of pool at Waterview retirement community in Granbury.

Ms. Perri at Lakeview at Josey Ranch in Carrollton, TX will really inspire you. It’s not too big a deal: She just decided to get a tattoo at 85-years-old. At first, she never liked the idea of them, but she had a spurt of inspiration, and decided to get a tattoo in honor of her grandson, Ryan. He was a skydiving instructor in the Air Force, and was apart of the 82nd Airborne Division.

When she made the big decision, Perri was working with her church in the prisons one weekend. In prison, it is not too far out to say when people walk out, they have new ink. But for Perri, two of her friends told her that they would take her to get the tattoo. She found the picture that she wanted and took it to a local tattoo parlor. After a three hour process, Perri now had a unique way to honor her grandson.

At Sagora, we understand our residents want to feel the thrill of conquering their fears, or fulfill a long lost passion. They choose whatever they’d like to do to fill their days, whether that is the simple things, like fitness classes, gathering for happy hour, swapping stories, laughing with friends … Or the not-so-simple: Skydiving. Getting a tattoo. Putting yourself out there and playing a game you haven’t done in years. Our fear of failure is always there with new ventures. We are people and have that innate instinct of anxiety to the unexpected. But how else will you know the outcome if you do not try?

Take a lesson from the seniors of Sagora. Enjoy life, take a breath, and live every day to its fullest.

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