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Our residents are the reason we all have chosen to work for Mirabella.

Throughout our website, you will see photos of the residents who choose to call our community home. Below are some testimonials from a few of these residents. To read even more, please view our blog.

Bob S

“Mr. Smith was a captain in the Air Force and flew in the battle of Britain. When the Captain first came to Mirabella, he was unable to walk on his own, however now with Encompass Home Health and the assistance of our associates, the Captain is able to walk short distances. When I approached him to write a testimonial for us he was excited to share his experience with others. He loves Mirabella and the associates.”

Daughter of Ann T.

“The associates at Mirabella are the BEST. I’ve worked or met with just about every one of the associates and find them all to be very courteous and professional. Each time I visit I’m greeted with a pleasant smile and “How are you today?” at the sign-in desk. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, I’m always treated in the same courteous and professional manner.”

James S.

“When I came into Mirabella, I couldn’t stand by myself, but with the help of the aides, I managed quite well. The food is very good, and the associates are outstanding, very helpful, and encouraging. I couldn’t ask for a nicer place to stay than Mirabella Assisted Living.”


“In the twleve months that Mother has lived at Mirabella, we have seen a vast difference in her attitude and social interaction. It has been amazing to us to see the difference in being with people her own age–people who have experienced so many of the same life events. She particulary enjoys the Sunday morning worship service, which she regularly attends. The various opportunities to play Bingo have also been fun and stimulating for her.”

Ed B.

“In 2010 our family decided that Mom would enjoy life a bit more if she could surround herself with a community of friends that had similar needs and interests. Mom was very hesitant to go to Mirabella, but she agreed to a short-term respite stay while I was travelling. In 2011, we decided we needed to look at Mirabella as a place that Mom could live and be in a safe place with activities she could enjoy. We were on the wait list for several months, and in 2012 an apartment opened up, so Mom moved-in full time. The associates at Mirabella are the BEST. I’ve worked with or met with just about every one of them and find them all to be very courteous and professional. The activities are the community are top notch, and the nurses treat mom with the utmost care and respect. I’m happy to say that the people at Mirabella run an efficient and professional organization that promotes a clean, healthy and safe environment with stimluating activities that the residents enjoy. I love knowing that my Mom is happy at Mirabella.”

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