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The Gift of Forgiveness

Have you ever met someone who’s easy going and at peace no matter what comes their way in life? When a person is centered and at peace, it seems they can handle anything, right? The tranquility of their inner spirit relaxes and calms others. Did you ever wonder, with life’s ups and downs, how a person can achieve this place of balance?

Have you ever considered that it may be the ability to forgive?

This can be tough. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you ignore hurts, it doesn’t mean you have to accept a wrong that’s been done to you. It means you don’t hash and rehash the emotional wounds and scars, it’s about the outcome of how you handle future encounters that may make the difference. Forgiveness is for you, not anyone else. Carrying around weights and burdens takes away from your spirit.  So, how do we forgive?

Most people have at least one person in their life in whom they can confide. Talk about what happened, tell that person how the situation made you feel, then determine how you will handle a similar situation in the future should it occur.

Important things to remember:

    • Don’t try to solve the problem when you’re upset. Step away and take time to think about the situation. In order to truly forgive, you need to know how you feel and why.
    • Have realistic expectations of others.  Often we get upset because we think someone should have said or done something which isn’t typical for that person. Accept and see people for who they are.
    • Decide how you will handle any future similar occurrences.


Often we find the most difficult person to forgive is ourselves. We look back on regrets, “shoulda, coulda, woulda.” To truly find a place of balance and peace in our lives, we must see ourselves as whole and new, moving forward, knowing what we will do differently as we take steps forward every day. Once you have achieved a place of balance, once you have truly given yourself the gift of forgiveness, you will notice your anger subsides you will be calmer, and the beauty around you will awaken your spirit.

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