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The Power of Compassion

We had a resident move in last week that passed earlier this morning.  She wasn’t here long enough for our associates to know her extremely well but our care associates took the time to begin the process to make a difference in her life.  She was a very spiritual person as was her daughter.  The family asked the charge nurse if there was someone who could pray with them last night, and the nurse knew some of our aides who were comfortable doing so and called to ask June and Dinora to stop by the room.

Dinora prayed with the sweet resident until her shift was done and then June prayed with her throughout the night when she could for peace and to ease her pain.  The resident explained that she “just wanted to go home to God”.  The daughter could not be with her all night because she was just too worn out to stay.  But June stayed. She kept praying throughout her shift and into the morning with her new friend and sister in Christ.

June called today to check on the resident and was deeply saddened to hear that she has passed.  But she had great peace in knowing that the resident passed with her physical pain eased and her spiritual pain soothed.  And while the daughter is tempted to batter herself with guilt for not being here, she takes solace in knowing that her mom was surrounded by people showing her love and making her comfortable and praying her into Jesus’ arms.  That is making a difference in a person’s life.

Jackie Younger

Executive Director

The Heritage Tomball

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