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Meet Clayton

Clayton Hayworth, Waterview’s Fitness Specialist, is a valuable asset to the Waterview team. Focusing on physical and mental fitness, Clayton’s classes have provided multiple residents with the opportunity to improve mobility and quality of life.

Clayton is a Texas native and grew up in Granbury, TX. He attended The Cooper Institute of Dallas in 2007 where he attained his Personal Training Certificate. After working at 24-hour Fitness in Ft. Worth for almost 2 years, Clayton decided to go out on his own and start a personal training business and quickly had a medium-sized clientele base that also featured boot camps. What started out as a part time job quickly became a full-time career when Clayton started at Waterview by creating appropriate classes for seniors of all kinds of mobility. Clayton has been a part of the Waterview team for almost 5 years and could not be happier with his position stating, “This is a dream job.I love working with the residents, seeing them get stronger, gain confidence and even, for some, not having to use walkers anymore. I offer all kinds of fitness classes and activities here at Waterview, from Chair Class to Tai Chi to Dominoes for Brain Fitness.”

Clayton has done so much for our residents at Waterview, not only in the way they progress physically, but also in the way they act as their quality of life has improved. If you come to Waterview and ask those who have taken a class with Clayton to raise their hand, not only will you see quite a few, they may start an impromptu exercise involving raising and lowering their arms! Watch out Senior Olympics, these residents are coming for you…all thanks to Clayton Hayworth.

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