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We are Different

Recently, I was in a discussion with another associate regarding the term “Associate.” I have been an “employee” since August of 1988 for one Company or another until Legend.

Some say that when a Company uses the term “Associate,” it is just a euphemism and there is no difference between the two. Well, that may be the case at some employers and for some of our “Associates,” they may feel that it is the same with Legend. What I can tell you by experience is that Legend is different.

• Legend may not pay more than other Senor Housing Companies, but we are different.

• Legend may not have better benefits than other Senior Housing Companies, but we are different.

• Legend may from time to time miss the opportunity to timely recognize every birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, but we are different.

At the heart of Legend are people who care, not only about the lives of the residents we care for each day in our communities, but also the lives of those who provide the care. For housekeepers, dishwashers, servers, resident care attendants, nurses, cooks, concierges, and all the rest. It goes without saying that for-profit companies are in the business (whatever that is) in order to return a profit to shareholders, owners, partners, or investors. That is how capitalism works.

Legend was formed as a for-profit company; however, if you read our vision and mission statement, it does not mention profit, although there is no mission without a profit margin, otherwise, the owners would have no incentive for being in business. Legend is different because our mission is to be recognized for our commitment to residents and associates through Excellence, Innovation, and Compassion.

Our “Associates” are not just “Employees” paid to perform a job although they do their job well and are paid. Based upon my experience, our Associates are people who care and who have bought into the concept of “Resident First” and want to join a Company where decisions are motivated by more than just the bottom line. I am glad that I am an “Associate” at Legend Retirement Corporation and I’m proud of my fellow Associates for the lives we change every day.

– James Hull

Vice President of Human Resources

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