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Meet Brandy Pennington

Meet Brandy Pennington – Lifestyles Director

It’s Happy Hour at The Westmore. The live music just started playing. Residents and associates alike are getting ‘happy feet.’ The food comes out, and the festive energy in the air is seen in everyone. Brandy is usually out and about, talking to our residents, inviting the more modest ones to dance, and then kicking up her own heels to the beat. It’s clear that The Westmore could not have its energetic atmosphere without this fun-loving soul.

After all, moments like our festive happy hours are thanks to Brandy, who is the Lifestyle Director at The Westmore. Her job is all about fun and making sure all of our residents are having a good time! She has brought her passion and creative thinking into developing all types of programs, events, seminars and more for our residents. Catering entirely to our residents, Brandy loves seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. She says that it really brightens her soul to see them so positive each day.

Before coming to The Westmore to perk up our residents with her vivacious energy, Brandy had worked for 10 years at the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation department. She developed the youth, adult and senior programming. After that, she worked overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan as an activity director, raising morale welfare and recreation for the troops. She helped arrange entertainment, recreational, fitness and social programs.

Brandy decided to continue with a career in the United States after 4 years. After some networking and researching, she was led here to The Westmore. She decided that our community was a great place to continue her career of providing entertaining and active programming. With her international experience and her love for exploring different activities, The Westmore has received a cultural boost!

To Brandy, the best thing about being a part of The Westmore is knowing that there are positive results in the community from the active, healthy and social programs she implements.

It’s a win-win situation for Brandy and the residents. She provides fun for them, and they provide her wisdom with their stories. “I feel like I’ve gained a lot more knowledge from being around people who have lived unique and fulfilling lives. There’s no greater feeling than that.”

The love Brandy feels for our residents keeps her pushing more and more each day to provide them with unforgettable memories. Her spirit is the epitome of what The Westmore is all about; serving and celebrating the wisdom of our residents, who are always placed first.

Thank you for always perking up The Westmore, Brandy!

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