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What does the title “sales and marketing” really mean?

I have been in sales and marketing in the senior housing industry for over 10 years now and have held many different titles over those 10 years.  When I say title, I mean my true title not my responsibility, but in the 10 years the words sales and marketing have always been in my title.  So what do these two words mean? Let’s start with a brief definition of both:  Marketing is finding out what we don’t have. Sales is the task of selling what we do. 

To add some additional meaning behind the two, let’s define sales based upon various definitions:  Sales involves most or many of the following activities, including cultivating prospective leads in a market segment; conveying the features, advantages and benefits of a service to the lead; and closing the sale by coming to agreement.

So how about marketing:  Marketing is what you do before and after the sale. It is the strategy that will identify prospects that will lead to the sale. Marketing is learning about your client needs and delivering on them. Marketing is about building awareness and relationships – it’s everything that makes ‘the phone ring’ the first time and convinces past customers to buy from you again. Marketing includes anything that comes into contact with your customer.

Putting all definitions aside I want to tell you what sales and marketing at Legend Retirement Corp means to me.  It means building a relationship, asking questions, listening and offering solutions.   It means helping a person identify the community that will allow them to enjoy an active and comfortable lifestyle.  It means finding our customers’ values that are most important to them and matching them with our company’s values.  It means showing our customers trust, loyalty, and how much we care as well as our commitment to them.  It means going home after a long day knowing that I helped guide someone who was confused and scared about one of the biggest decisions they have made, and also knowing that the right one was made by them moving into one of Legend’s communities.  To keep it very simple, it’s about changing lives.  At Legend Retirement Corp., we change lives every day and to do this it takes not only a sales and marketing director that has great values but a team of dedicated and committed associates that are empowered to bring excellence to our residents.

~Michelle Faas



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