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Earth Day 2022


On April 22 of each year, we celebrate our home: Earth.

Earth Day was born out of the environmental movement of the late 1960s. It was first celebrated in 1970, two years before the modern Environmental Protection Agency was formed. At that time, unleaded gas and inefficient automobiles joined industrial waste and pollutants to threaten natural habitats and human health.

Over the years, the holiday has celebrated several milestones. In 1990, it was celebrated globally for the first time, with celebrations occurring in more than 141 countries and more than 200 million people taking part in the festivities. Today, the holiday is the largest non-secular holiday in the world in terms of observance, with more than 1 billion people involved each year.

As the decades pass and new threats to the natural environment arise, Earth Day has adapted by refining its scope and keeping current issues at the forefront. Still, the underlying message remains the same – protecting the Earth and its natural beauty for future generations.

At Sagora Senior Living, we are committed to that mission. All month long, our 57 communities are holding events to mark the holiday and honor the planet that we live on. For us, Earth Day isn’t just a day in April – it’s the whole month. As spring arrives and Earth Day approaches, we’re celebrating new beginnings, new growth and the beauty that our planet affords us.

Here are just some of the fun ways that Sagora Senior Living communities are celebrating this April:


Earth Rocks Happy Hour | The Heritage Tomball Senior Living

We all know that Earth Rocks! That’s what The Heritage Tomball Senior Living in Tomball, Texas had in mind when they crafted their Earth Rocks Happy Hour, set to take place on April 22 at 4 P.M. Everything at the Happy Hour will be centered around the third rock from the sun, including Earth-themed appetizers and Earth-themed drinks.

All in all, it’s set to be a great afternoon orbiting around tremendous food and drinks and a vibrant social atmosphere. We can’t wait to see what they have in store!

The event is open to the public, so feel free to take part and check out our awesome community!


Our Edible Earth | Lynridge Assisted Living & Memory Care

From meats to fruits to vegetables, we enjoy the Earth’s bounty each day. It provides us with nutrients and energy, with the very elements that sustain our social and active lifestyles.

Yet we only sample a small collection of what the Earth provides. As residents at Lynridge Assisted Living & Memory Care in Murphy, Texas found out, there’s plenty more out there that’s delicious.


The Culinary Directors at the community prepared a fun dish featuring two natural delights – meringue mushrooms and edible flowers. When roasted, the mushrooms are sweet and resemble marshmallows. They topped a mud and dirt cake, made of chocolate pudding and gummy worms.

It made for a sweet, special snack and was a tremendous example of our culinary staff’s ability to get creative!


Build a Bird Feeder | Brayden Park Assisted Living & Memory Care

Birds play a crucial role in any ecosystem, dispersing seeds, pollinating plants and keeping insect populations in check. Beyond their ecological functions, they’re a symbol of Earth’s beauty. There are few sights more majestic than that of a cardinal or bluebird perched upon a branch on a sunny spring morning.

At 2 P.M. on April 29, Brayden Park Assisted Living & Memory Care of San Angelo, Texas will commit to ensuring that such important animals can always find a home at the community. Residents and visitors will build bird feeders to feed their flying friends and celebrate nature’s natural beauty.

It’ll be a joyous afternoon and it’s not just for the birds! RSVP by April 25 and you can take part in the activity in addition to seeing everything Brayden Park Assisted Living & Memory Care has to offer!


Check your local Sagora Senior Living community’s website to find out about more Earth Day events!

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