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Changing Lives


Throughout our corporate and our community websites, you will see photos of the residents that choose to call our communities home. Below are some testimonials from a few of our residents, and more are showcased on our individual community websites. Read through and experience how we are changing the lives of our residents. And view our blog for more information and stories about our residents.

“I have come home”
~ Sam B., resident at Heritage Place



Dale and Doris at Heritage Place – Burleson, TX

“Doris and I started our journey with Senior Living back in 2005, when we first visited Heritage Place. The warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere then, is what we are still experiencing today as current residents. What has drawn us back to Heritage Place is the familiarity of the people and community. We remain close to family and friends in the area, we also found that we knew so many of the residents and we’ve come to know so many more! As seniors we have a tendency to hibernate after retirement, but now we find ourselves associating with people more by getting involved in the many activities Heritage Place has to offer. And we certainly enjoy not having to cook meals, as well as the housekeeping and transportation services provided. Heritage Place has given us all our desired needs and services we expected from a Senior Living community.”

Jim and Frances at Lakestone Terrace – Granbury, TX

“Do you remember the song, ‘What are you doing the rest of your life?’ Well, we never imagined that the ‘rest of our lives’ would get here as quickly as it has. But in the end, we were so relieved to discover that there was somewhere we could actually focus on each other, and let someone else take care of the day-to-day tasks we got tired of. My husband and I had only one request of our lives… that we spend it all with each other.”

Flo at The Brennity – Vero Beach, FL

“Staying active is the key to a happy and healthy life. We love our wellness programs here at The Brennity, and they keep us moving physically, emotionally and mentally!”

Charlie at Adante – San Antonio, TX

“Always a great time at our weekly happy hours here at Adante!”

Natalie at Rio Terra – New Braunfels, TX

“As I look at this picture of myself, taken in my comfortable apartment, I wonder why I ever delayed my decision to move to my new home. I have lived at Rio Terra for over four years, and I have found friendships here that are everlasting. I look forward to socializing with them when we meet at the dinner table, at happy hours, at our exercise classes and during games in our game room. It is also fun to be with them in our theatre room, as well as the many restaurants Rio Terra take us to for lunch every Friday. Congeniality among the directors and team of associates as they work together to make life safe and pleasant for the residents is delightful … just an additional reason why I love living at Rio Terra.”

Edra at Lakestone Terrace – Granbury, TX

“I was really nervous about parking my car for the last time and handing my son the keys.  How would I shop? Go to the doctor? Cash a check? Get my hair done?  I had always been so independent and wasn’t sure how I would feel giving all of that up.  No worries here, though!  They’ve thought of everything!”

Do you have questions? We have answers.

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