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Bea’z Blintzes

Our resident, Bea R. of Elison Independent Living of Niles in Niles, IL, shared a delicious recipe with us, and we just had to share it with you too! For most of Bea’s career life, she worked as an Executive Administrative Secretary for major advertising companies and AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons). Today she is an avid painter and is full of great creative ideas, which she shares with her communities Lifestyles Department often.

This recipe that she shared with us is an adaptation of what her mother told her and what she figured out for herself. Her children and grandchildren love these blintzes so much that they had her write the recipe down to pass it on to the next generation and hopefully generations after!

Thank you for sharing, Bea! Now we can make these delicious blintzes as well! Happy cooking from Bea’s kitchen to yours!


Ricotta cheese
Vanilla (optional)



  • For every 2 eggs add 1 c flour , 1 c water, and 1 t salt.
  • Beat together very well and let sit until bubbles disappear.
  • Add allspice and some nutmeg while beating it.
  • Put an oiled fry pan or crepe maker on low heat until very hot but not smoking Pour oil in a small custard cup and have a paper towels nearby.
  • Pour just enough batter on pan to cover the bottom and pour off any excess.
  • Heat until edges curl and then bang onto a towel on a cutting board.
  • Dip paper towel in oil and wipe bottom of pan.
  • Heat and pour another crepe.
  • Keep going until batter is gone.
  • Fill each crepe quickly while the next one is cooking.


To wrap:

  • Put filling in center
  • Wrap two opposite sides to middle then repeat with the other two sides.
  • Place on platter wrapped sides down and keep going



  • Use Ricotta cheese
  • Depending on how moist it is, add about 1 egg per pound
  • Add enough cinnamon sugar mix to make it an even shade of brown
    • You can add a bit of salt or/and sugar depending on taste. The secret is to taste it and add more spice than you think it needs.
  • When you think it is perfect, add a bit of allspice and another shot of nutmeg Vanilla is optional


To Serve:

  • Heat a large well-oiled pan and fry the blintzes until warmed through and lightly browned
  • Turnover and repeat on other side
  • Serve warm with sour cream, more cinnamon/sugar and sometimes apple sauce- It’s up to you!


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