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BikeAround™ Virtual Biking Experience

The Westmore Senior Living First in Texas to Offer BikeAround™ Virtual Biking Experience

Imagine being able to bike through key places from your past – a childhood neighborhood, a former workplace or even a remarkable vacation. This is possible at The Westmore, the first senior living community in Texas to offer the BikeAround™ virtual reality biking experience. This innovative system originated from Sweden and encompasses multiple dimensions of wellness.

Residents at The Westmore can input any street address and bike through their childhood neighborhoods, explore new cities and experience the joys of reminiscing through a virtual reality experience like no other. BikeAround™ was designed to combine reminiscence therapy with safe, customized physical therapy for people with dementia.

“The BikeAround™ has been very effective in helping residents connect with their pasts. We encourage them to talk about what they see and remember,” says Memory Care Director at The Westmore, Marilyn Epps. “We’ve seen many of our memory care residents remember their childhood streets, former workplaces and more. Our residents are absolutely loving the experience.”

The benefits of BikeAround™ include:

  • Improved quality of life and self-esteem
  • Increased attention span and focus
  • Accessing areas of memory that still exist
  • Stimulating a familiar/happy memory and awareness of surroundings
  • Providing a daily routine and encouraging exercise


The BikeAround™ was developed by biomechanical engineer Anne-Christine Hertz in an effort to develop new methods to treat Alzheimer’s patients and those suffering from dementia. Specifically, she wanted to help them preserve old memories. BikeAround™ combines mental stimulations from surrounding the resident with places they recognize, and physical stimulation from pedaling and steering. Scientists believe this pairing produces dopamine in the brain and has the potential to affect memory management in a profound way.

To check out the BikeAround or to schedule a tour of The Westmore, please call us at (817) 731-7600.

Mrs. B enjoys India – here she’s talking about a city downtown. She was happy to experience it again!

About The Westmore Senior Living

The Westmore Senior Living in Westworth Village, Texas is located in rural tranquility. Convenient to major highways in Tarrant County, The Westmore offers independent living, assisted living and memory care in separate areas, but under one roof. Each area includes restaurant-style dining, stunning views of our courtyard or pool area with plenty of natural light and open floor plans. The community is located at 25 Leonard Trail, Westworth Village, Texas 76114.

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