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Breaking Boundaries: Meet the Athletes of Sagora Senior Living – Linda, Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch Independent Living


As the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are just a few weeks away, we were inspired to shine a light on our resident athletes within Sagora Senior Living. We have residents who are retired coaches, have had expansive sports accomplishments and residents who have found their passion for athleticism within our communities. These residents aren’t afraid to break boundaries and they know that there is no age limit on personal development. We’re so excited to share their stories with you and hope that you find inspiration and encouragement from them.

As our first feature in this series, we are delighted to introduce you to Linda, a resident at Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch Independent Living in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up, Linda did not feel like the most athletically inclined individual. She was quiet, reserved and rarely chosen as a teammate which caused her to distance herself all together from the world of sports.

When she moved into Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch, Linda heard about our annual Sagora Senior Olympics Games – an entire week dedicated to friendly competition within our community. When her new neighbors asked if she was going to participate in the games, she said no because she felt like they weren’t her strong suit, and she wouldn’t perform well. With a little cheering on and motivating by her peers and Lifestyle Director, Linda decided to go outside of her comfort zone and participate in the Sagora Senior Olympics Games!

To her surprise, her hidden athletic skills soared as she claimed 14 winning medals throughout the games. It was then that her love for sports began! “I challenged myself to take part in every event, not to win necessarily, but more to be able to prove to myself that I could do it!” said Linda. The idea of getting involved in something that was challenging yet rewarding set her passion on fire. “I was finally able to get involved in things I never would’ve dreamed of being able to do. Things like running, basketball, volleyball and swimming!” she said.

Prior to the games, Linda didn’t feel like a strong swimmer, but always loved the community’s pool. After her victory in a pool competition in the Sagora Senior Olympics Games, her confidence grew, and she was emboldened to begin a self-challenge to become a strong swimmer. Since growing her athleticism, Linda now participates in yoga and daily strength exercises to live a longer, healthier life.

“To be able to get out of your comfort zone and learn a new sport at my age is priceless. Who would’ve thought I would be a defending gold medal champion year after year?” said Linda. She has a newfound love and appreciation for sports since moving into Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch and is looking forward to watching the Summer Olympics this year!

We are so proud of Linda and are blessed to have her as part of the Sagora Senior Living family. Stay tuned to read another story of athleticism from one of our residents next week!


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