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Celebrating National Centenarian Day

At Sagora Senior Living, we are honored to share and celebrate the lives of our residents. With over 40 locations across the United States, there’s no shortage of wisdom, precious memories and riveting stories that they have to tell. In honor of National Centenarian Day, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our residents who have reached the age of 100 and to share their life stories and advice with you.


Meet Sammi, one of our residents at Lyndale Abilene Senior Living in Abilene, Texas. Her 101st birthday is in November, and she is originally from Scottdale, Pennsylvania. When asked what the secret is to reaching 100, Sammi said, “there is no secret – just be happy!” As she looked back over what she thinks has changed the most in the past 100 years, she said it’s the way that women are accepted everywhere in every kind of job. “It’s just wonderful!” she said. Her advice for today’s generation is simply to enjoy life – “make life enjoyable and don’t hurt anyone while you’re enjoying it.”



Say hello to Adrian, one of our residents at Elison Independent Living at Willowbrook in Houston, Texas. He just recently turned 100 on September 7 of this year. He is originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and says that the secret to reaching age 100 is “hard work, clean living, and eating oatmeal every morning!” When asked what he thinks has changed the most in the past 100 years, Adrian said, “the creation of the internet.” His advice for today’s generation is to “be honest and work hard – you’ll get there.”



Meet Georgia, one of our residents at Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch in San Antonio, Texas. She turned 100 on August 14 of this year. Georgia was born in Estelline, a small town in the Texas panhandle. As a young child, her family moved to Red River County in East Texas where she lived until she graduated from Clarksville High School. She married her high school sweetheart and began her adventures as a military wife. Georgia credits here longevity to several contributing attributes. She never smoked or drank alcohol other than an occasional glass of wine for toasting special occasions. She has always eaten very healthy and avoided fast food.

Her advice to today’s generation? “Today’s generation takes a lot of things for granted. Their lives are dependent on gadgets and technology. I would encourage them to always be fair, honest and to work hard for things they want and need. It is equally important they spend time enjoying life, appreciating what they have and the many blessing that have been given them. They should never forget to honor their heritage and those that came before them.”


Have you ever thought that bourbon could be a secret to longevity? Our resident Gabe at The Brennity at Daphne in Daphne, Alabama swears by it! He celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this year on February 2. He is originally from Cullman,

Alabama and says that the secret to reaching age 100 is to “just keep breathing. Also, bourbon.” His advice for today’s generation is to “teach the world to get along.”



Are you ready to meet another one of our centenarians? Become acquainted with Mary, one of our residents at The Brennity at Melbourne in Melbourne, Florida.

She turned 101 in May of this year. Mary is originally from Battle Creek, Michigan and says that the secret to longevity is exercise. “I always did quite a bit of outdoor activities – anything from ice skating to roller skating to walking,” she said.

Mary met her husband at a baseball game in Japan when a friend introduced them – she was there while working for the U.S. Government. Her advice for today’s generation is to “keep active – especially in sports!”


We are so blessed to have these residents as part of our Sagora Senior Living family. We hope you enjoyed hearing their stories as much as we did!

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