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Celebrating our Veterans- Bristol Park at Cypress

We are so thankful for the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom!

In the leadup to Veterans Day, we asked veterans across Sagora communities to share their experiences with us, including the lessons they learned and their favorite memories from their time in the US Armed Forces. We’re so thankful for those who shared their experiences with us. Here are the stories from veterans at Bristol Park at Cypress Assisted Living & Memory Care in Cypress, Texas.

Joe D. served in the Army and National Guard from 1963-1970, achieving the rank of Sergeant. He was proud to be a Sergeant and says his promotion was his favorite memory from his time in the military. Joe says the military “taught me how to be independent.”

Ron R. served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War as an airplane mechanic. He was tasked with working on planes that were crucial to the Air Force’s role in the war. “The service made me more disciplined because it showed me the importance of following the rules,” he says.

Ruby S. served in the Navy as a nurse during World War II. During her time in the military, she met her future husband and got her start in a career that she felt was deeply meaningful. “It taught me the importance of being aware of others’ needs,” she says.

Ron S. served in the Navy from 1982-1986, working on the deck crew of submarines. He says his favorite memories from his time in the Navy where when his submarine would come to the surface and he got to see the ocean. Ron says serving in in the Navy taught him “discipline, respect and pride.”

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