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Celebrating our Veterans – Caydance Assisted Living and Memory Care


We are so thankful for the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom!

In the leadup to Veterans Day, we asked veterans across Sagora communities to share their experiences with us, including the lessons they learned and their favorite memories from their time in the US Armed Forces. We’re so thankful for those who shared their experiences with us and we’re thrilled to share their stories:

Branco B. served in the Army from 1951-1953, achieving the rank of Corporal. After his service, he opened a barbershop that still stands today.

Claude J. served in the Army during World War II as a light machine gunner. He received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star, among other medals, during his time in the Army. He says a good friend of his once saved his life when he came under sniper fire during a patrol. “I would serve all over again,” he says.

Gerry S. served in the Army from 1950-1960, reaching the rank of Second Lieutenant.

James A. served in the Army and the Army National Guard from 1963-1969. An enlisted man, he was recognized for excellent marksmanship and played baseball during his time in the service. “I learned to take orders without question and to volunteer when asked,” he said.

Joe R. was in the Air Force from 1958-1970, serving as a Military Policeman. It was in this capacity, he says, that he arrested musician Freddy Fender.

Michael M. served in the Navy from 1962-1965. His service led him to develop a love for sailing and scuba diving.

Wayne S. served in the Naval Reserves from 1953-1956, working as a part of the Supply Corps. He enjoyed traveling and met his wife during his time in the service.

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